sexta-feira, julho 31, 2009

The Sebastianist People of the Beira-Rio

By Colorado Matt

The fantastic Ronald Gordo returns once again with his latest take on Inter’s current plight.

In 1578, El Rey Dom Sebastião (King Sebastian) of Portugal convinced himself that he was to be Christ's captain in a crusade against Muslims in Africa. So he would win the eternal glory.

Immediately King Sebastian, Portuguese nobility and all Portuguese army crossed into Morocco (North of Africa) and, against the advice of his commanders, marched deep inland. At Alcazarquivir (Field of the Three Kings), the Portuguese were surrounded and routed by Ahmed Mohammed. None of the Portuguese soldiers returned and the King was never been seen.

After his death, the country suffered from impostors, economic problems, debt, unemployment and hunger. In fact, the decline of Portugal was already occurring; the death of the King only left things worse.

In the following centuries, the ignorant and poor people came to believe that the king would return to help Portugal in her darkest hour. "On a misty day, the sea will open and El Rey Dom Sebastião will return."

There are possible mentions of this hero in The Prophecies of Nostradamus when it mentions the "great one of Portugal" (Century VI - Quatrain LXXXV).

The legend - called Sebastianism - lasted centuries and came to Brazil, where there were at least two major messianic movements (War of Canudos - 1897; War of Contestado - 1912) related to Sebastianism.

They are assuming Sebastian will return and solve all their problems... so they can ignore them.

Well, as you can imagine, the king has never returned... but there are still Sebastianist people, my friend Matt... in the Beira-Rio.

Inter fall from first to third position in Campeonato Brasileiro; the coach is lost and even vice president Fernando Carvalho does not know what to do.

But there is hope: The mythical commander of Libertadores de America, the eternal captain of FIFA Club World Cup, Fernandão will return...

When he comes back, Bolivar and Kléber will attack, the defence will be better positioned, Magrão will run, each player will know his task... even Tite will know his job...

So, my friend Matt, do not be worried... Do not think about down Tite... Inter does not need a coach.
When Fernandão comes back, the defences will open and Inter will win every game by 10-0.

If nothing happens, you should not blame Fernando Carvalho and Vitório Piffero... You should not say that they are stupid and should not accuse them of incompetence... You should blame Nostradamus and his lies...

Have a nice day.


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